The mid-1990s concrete mazes of Southside Chicago were those of which birthed fashion designer Delvin McCray. Having been raised under a strict roof where he was shelved with hatred for authority and conformity, Delvin was often discouraged to express himself through art. Afraid to live the meandered life of an artist, Delvin tried to find his niche. Traversing through career paths such as nursing and film, Delvin was fearful of not working the expected nine-to-five. 

Etching ink to skin, Delvin, through the art of tattooing, began his creative journey. The taboo nature of tattooing funneled a driven rebellious spirit that not only developed his mind but helped him escape reality. Though reaching a height, Delvin pushed his creative envelope even further by tapping in fashion. 

Delvin purchased his first sewing machine in 2013. In this self-taught journey, fashion magazines, tutorials, and fabric patterns ranging from couture to streetwear influenced his creative aesthetic. 

Coming back home to Chicago, and having been accepted into fashion school, Delvin felt that he had pivoted in the right direction. Inspired by the will to not be boxed in, Delvin sought to expand his creativity beyond the stagnant classroom. Having transitioned into the academic Fine Arts, Delvin attained a BFA from Columbia College thus further propelling his career. 

Visioning the thrill of creation, Delvin sought freedom as his self-titled luxury clothing brand was established in 2016. Delvin shadowed master tailors and corsetieres from fashion capitals such as London and Milan. Since perfecting the crafts of couture sewing, detailed beadwork, and bespoke suit tailoring, he has bridged polar opposites, reflecting a merger of urban grit and the heights of luxury. 

Delvin McCray has been published in multiple issues of British Vogue and national news outlets. Notably, his works have graced the runways of Paris Fashion Week 2020, the red carpet of the 2020 Billboard Awards and Bravo's TV series Project Runway

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